4 Reasons why unboxing will save your organizing efforts

Professional organizers will tell you: unbox all those items in your cupboards. From cereal and other dry goods to toiletries like cotton balls or Q-tips, everything should be taken out of its original packaging and placed in other makeshift containers.

Here are 3 reasons why unboxing will save your organizing efforts.

1- It streamlines things. Rather than going through boxes and other packages of food, re-containerizing allows you to see where everything is. Use clear jars or containers, or at least label things.

2- It helps with shopping. When things have been removed from their original packages, you can clearly see how much of each item is left. This will make it easier to keep an inventory of what you have and what you need.

3- It optimizes on space. Interior cabinet space is valuable real estate. When you keep things in proper storage containers, they can often be stacked, making use of vertical space and clearing the floorspace for additional items (or roomy cleanliness!).

Jennifer Cox