4 Baby nursery trends that are stylish for boys or girls

A nursery must be many things: a calming environment for an infant to rest and sleep but also a place for play and stimulation. It also needs to be functional, stylish and well-organized. 

The first thing is, keep the colour palette neutral. It will be an ideal backdrop for punchy accessories, but serene enough that it won't be overwhelming. Beiges and pale greys are good options.

A textured wall is a great way to infuse a space with some personality and architectural interest. Consider a paneled wall, or something that resembles stone or brick.

Use different kinds of lighting. Overhead task lighting is good for daytime living, where you'll likely be playing, changing diapers, etc. You could put this fixture on a dimmer for more flexibility in brightness. You should also add in a small lamp for softer, cozier lighting. This is nice for evening time when you're winding down.

Use drawer and closet dividers to optimize on clothing storage. They'll be a great investment, as they can be rearranged accordingly as the child grows.