3 Winter kids looks we love

Photo: Petit New York

This winter, bright colours are making a major comeback, offsetting the usual humdrum monochromatics of winters past. Everything from brunt orange to flashy violet, yellows and greens in electric hues as well as primary mainstays like red. Paired with jeans for boys or leggings for girls, there's simply no shortage of warm and unique duds to dress up your littles.

But here are the top 3 winter looks we love.

The "don't-label-me" ensemble. Forget being pigeon-holed into one specific style - this winter, dress your kids up in something a little retro, something more mainstream, and something with urban edge. Classic collared shirts for boys are being amped up with distinguishing logos, emblems, and colour combos. Paired with jeans and a coloured belt, plus a cozy winter accessory, you have a great fall outfit that's cool and comfortable.

Patterns galore! Yep, you'll find funky prints, patterns and motifs everywhere. Plaid is a biggie, as are stars, polka dots and thick knitted stripes. Girls will love the endless array of leggings and tights that are coming out for winter, and boys can get in on the fun too with adorned skinny-fit trousers, cotton long-sleeved shirts, and winter gear. 

Next-level active wear. This winter's selection of active wear is anything but casual. Straight-leg sweatpants and super well-made, stylish hoodies have taken these comfies to a whole new level. They're being made in thick, durable materials that can withstand a lot of wear and washing, but is still super soft and well-fitted.