24 Hours in Paris review

If you’re still looking for a fun summer read that will sweep you off your feet, then Romi Moondi’s 24 Hours in Paris is the perfect book for you. This rom-com simultaneously has two love stories going, one between the two characters, but the other is Moondi’s unabashed love for Paris. Meet Mira, a recently single woman who finds herself stuck in Paris for an additional 24 hours at the end of a business trip, thanks to airline scheduling conflicts. After a lifetime of obsessing over the city of love, Mira can finally fulfill some dreams and cross items off her bucket list. What she didn’t anticipate when making this bucket list however, was that she’d be stuck there with her arrogant co-worker Jake. Hour by hour, as they indulge in all the great food and wine Paris has to offer, Mira and Jake pull back their own layers to form an undeniable bond and chemistry.

There was so much to love about this book. First, the characters are in their 30’s, something you don’t see too often in rom-coms. I also love when authors give a voice to their male leads, allowing the reader to know what they are thinking and feeling. The most palpable thing about this book however, is Moondi’s love for, and extensive knowledge of Paris. I confess that Paris has never featured high up on my bucket list of travel destinations, but after reading this book I definitely want to travel there one day try to experience it with the love and admiration that Mira does.

24 Hours in Paris by Romi Moondi (Wattpad Books) is available now.

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