15 Ways to beat cabin fever

By now, the hibernating has lost its lustre. No longer are we cozied up with the kids enjoying the long snowy days... no, instead, us parents have started pulling our hair out as the winter months start to draaaaag. So here are 15 ways to beat cabin fever and actually enjoy the last few weeks (yes, weeks!) of wintertime.

Go to your local library. Check out books or sign up for an activity - there's always something cool going on at your community library.

Find an indoor pool for some splish-splashing.

Have a game night and let each family member choose a game you'll play. Have a marathon in one evening, or stretch it out over the course of a week.

Burn off some steam at Clip N' Climb Laval, where there's individual climbing challenges for everyone!

Make a meal together. Assign each person a dish.

Arts n' crafts challenge! Put out random supplies (toilet paper rolls, markers, glue, buttons, etc.) and see what you can create.

Do some science experiments, like a baking soda and vinegar volcano or something from this cool book.

Challenge the family to a game of mini putt in the uber-cool black lights of Putting Edge.

Build a fort. The bigger, the better!

Set up an obstacle course. Use pillows, blankets and toys.

Let the kids play on the crazy-cool structures at Rabbids Amusement Centre.

Go on an evening stroll. Add flashlights, glowsticks or sparklers to the mix to make it more fun.

Make a movie together as a family.

Create a comic book.

Do something for someone else. Bake for a neighbour, go through the house to find things to donate, or make some pretty cards you can send to a local nursing home.

Melany xx