10 Homemade costumes you can make in one night

I know, I know... Halloween is just days away. But I've got you: here are 10 homemade costumes you can make in one night with basic stuff you have around your house.

Now go!

Gumball machine: Cover the bottom ¾ of a white shirt with coloured pompoms. A ruffled skirt or tutu and leggings in a bright hue complete the look. 

Mummy: All you need is lots and lots (and lots) of strips of white material. Mom tip: Make sure they have a separate top and bottom (to make bathroom breaks easier).

Pirate: You know all those torn clothes that are in the donation pile? Give them a new lease on life by tattering them further into a swashbucklin’ getup. 

Astronaut: Cover a helmet with solid-coloured tape. Use two empty soda bottles that have been spray painted as a jetpack. 

Robot: Now you finally have a use for all those oversized boxes you’ve been stashing in the garage “just in case.” Deck them out with colourful buttons and screens. Foil can be a great material to incorporate as well.

Pilot: A leather jacket and khaki pants are the basics. A cool helmet, aviator glasses (ski goggles could work), and cardboard wings complete the look. 

Witch/Evil sorcerer. Whether it’s black clothing or a cool black cape (which can be fashioned out of a tablecloth or even a garbage bag), a pointed hat and maybe a broomstick are all you need to be a scary witch. Dollar store fangs are a fun extra.

Superhero: You can get super creative with this one. Felt is a great way to make a mask or eyewear or a cool emblem or logo for a shirt. An upcycled towel or piece of a sheet is a makeshift cape.

Baby as an old person: Is there anything cuter?! If you want the white hair, you can cover a small hat with cotton balls. Deck out their walking toy to look like, well, a walker, or give them a cane.

Bumblebee: A great costume for littles, just dress them up in any basic black outfit (one with stripes or polka dots can work too), and then add some homemade wings and a headband with antennae. Works for butterflies and ladybugs too.